Software Testing

A Test Analyst is the person responsible for testing computer hardware or software before it is packaged and sold on the open market. The test analyst is with testing the operation of a system or application under controlled conditions in order to evaluate the results. It is a position that requires a keen attention to detail, as Test Analysts are the last line of quality control. If a mistake gets through the Test Analyst and makes its way into the final product, an entire product launch can turn into a disaster. Testing can be regarded as the process of validating and verifying that a program, application or product meets the business and technical requirements.

The role of Test Analyst is more intricate than it sounds. A Test Analyst’s duties include more than just running tests. The following list of duties and responsibilities popped up most in our research of several Test Analyst job descriptions.

·      Participate in the Development Process

·      Analyze Application Requirements and Design Documents

·      Develop Comprehensive Testing Structures

·      Develop Test Plans

·      Execute Tests and Analyze / Document Results

Test Analysts are not as one-dimensional as one would think. It is a profession that requires much more than computer skills. Test Analysts have to be big-picture thinkers, yet they also must have an above average attention to detail. Identifying the source of a bug can be as small as a single error in one line of code. They have to have to be able to see the big picture of a project in order to develop tests that can find these small errors.

Core Skills: The following skills are the ones listed as required by most employers.

·      Attention to detail

·      Ability to see the big picture

·      Planning and organizational skills

·      Proficiency in document and report writing

·      Ability to work in a team

·      Awareness of Software Development Life Cycle

·      Logical and critical thinking skills

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