Project Management Practical (Hands-On) Program

Course material and activities are organised into the following modules:

  1. Why you need a Project Management Office
  2. Developing a PMO vision statement
  3. Creating a PMO charter and PID
  4. Leveraging a framework to assess maturity
  5. Considering the current state of project and portfolio management
  6. Defining the to-be state
  7. Analysing the gap between the current and to-be state
  8. Introduction & On-boarding to project management tools: Jira, SharePoint, Office 365, Confluence, Slack.

Planning for standardised processes

  1. Recognising the benefits of standardisation
  2. Building/updating processes for your environment
  3. Developing standard document templates

Leveraging Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

  1. Bridging “doing the right projects” with “doing the project right”
  2. Researching, recommending and selecting the right PPM tool/features
  3. Linking project management and portfolio management with a PPM tool
  4. Centralising resource and capacity management
  5. Connecting PPM with a financial management system

Implementing a content repository

  1. Establishing standards for storing all project content
  2. Automating collaborative processes with tools
  3. Housing PMO content for project and portfolio managers
  4. Benefiting from integrating the PPM
Duration: 1 day intensive in person training (online sessions available) and 2 weeks live practical project using industry tools. You will be expected to attend team meetings, review sessions, collaborate with teammates and deliver project artefacts.

Support Activities

  1. CV Tips and Templates
  2. Recruitment Process and Agencies
  3. Interview Preparation
  4. First day on the Job

Learning Outcome

  1. Function as a management consultant to analyze and recommend solutions that bring benefits and value to the organization.
  2. Plan, execute and complete project management strategies.
  3. Learn the practical skills to manage projects effectively in both Agile and Waterfall environments.
  4. Become an avid user of industry tools such as Jira, SharePoint, Office 365, Confluence, Slack and a host of others.

Delivery Method Option of classroom or online remote sessions available.

Who should attend: Anyone who wants to change their career or someone with a responsibility for delivering an outcome to an organisation will learn the skills needed for facing new or unknown challenges in delivering those outcomes.






Jan 30 2021


Mountain Time
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


The CareerCo.


The CareerCo.
587 937 7377, 780 695 1221

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