Business Analysis

What is Business Analysis?

Business analysis has emerged as a core business practice in the 21st century. As the vital link between a firm’s information technology capabilities and its business objectives. In today’s complex business environment, an organization’s adaptability, agility, and ability to manage constant change through innovation can be keys to success. The business analyst’s primary objective is helping businesses implement technology solutions in a cost-effective way by determining the requirements of a project or program, and communicating them clearly to stakeholders, facilitators and partners.

Becoming a successful business analyst takes core business skills and specialized knowledge that will advance a firm’s objectives, and contribute to its remaining competitiveness in a complex economy.

Education and training requirements for business analyst jobs vary by employer, specific role and industry. However, the key skills always need to succeed are:

  • Implement strategies for gathering, reviewing and analyzing data requirements
  • Prioritize requirements and create mock-ups when required
  • Master business process modelling, traceability and quality management techniques
  • Apply best practices for effective communication and problem-solving
  • Successfully compete for the most sought-after business analyst jobs

Useful business analysis books

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